Get Deep Cleaning from Fulham Cleaners at Low Rates

A few hours hard work by professional cleaners will transform your home. Book deep cleaning as a one off session that focuses on the jobs you most need done.

Decide What’s Included in Your Detailed Cleaning List

You stay in charge when you book detailed cleaning with Fulham Cleaners. You decide:

  • What you’d like done during your session – We’ll prepare a personalised inventory for your service
  • How many cleaners you’d like – It could be one or a team
  • How long you’d like your appointment to last – Minimum booking time is just three hours
  • When you’d like the work done – Fulham Cleaners are available from early morning, through to the evenings seven days a week

Quality Assurances from Fulham Cleaners

Your cleaners are reference-vetted individuals. They go through a period of training before being sent out to deliver any service. To make sure standards stay high, a team of quality control supervisors make regular site visits to monitor work.

Use your cleaning session to:

  • Get bathrooms and kitchens scrubbed
  • Hard floors mopped and carpets vacuumed
  • Furniture dusted and polished
  • Laundry put through the wash or ironed
  • Windows cleaned and paintwork wiped down
  • Anything else you’d like done which can be completed with general detergents and equipment

If anything changes between the time when you book and the day of the service you’ll have the option to amend your list. Your cleaners will work hard through the session starting with the most important jobs, and they’ll do their best to get everything completed within the available time.

Book Your Deep Cleaning in Fulham

Setting up a service is quick, simple, and there’s no deposit to pay

Call our 24/7 line – 020 3404 0391, to get an immediate quote. You can confirm your preferred appointment time there and then if you like.

You can also reach us by filling in our simple online booking form, or by using our website’s chat facility.